- There is no better search algorithm
than people -

A Harvard professor visited and requested
in Toyota dealership.

“I’d like to buy Corolla with air conditioner,
and it should not be purple color.
I’ll give a same demand to all dealers nearby,
and I will buy from the dealer who
offer the lowest price.”

The professor was astonished.
All dealers offered much lower price
than he expected.

■ Your plan B brings great bargaining power.
Experience "Plan B, C and D."

"People - centered search"

Whenever I search using keywords,
like google and Bing,
I was dissatisfied.

So I thought 
“I should find people who can be trusted

Searching for the best dentist in LA,
electronics suppliers in Shanghai,
Programmer in London, fluent in Chinese
and so on.

Directly searching for people
with technology, experience, and know-how.

“I will find you.
And I will meet you”

I tried to find a studio apartment
located within 30 minutes of Manhattan,
which meet the following criteria:
$1,500, high ceiling, private balcony,
and pet friendly. 

It was waste of my time
searching with real estate apps and websites.

"Titob solution is connecting
trustworthy people."

We are connecting people using ‘reliability’,
to quicken transaction and eliminate cost.

"If you are running a business"

You can know what people in an area want
just by using [keyword] and [location]

Why pay for keyword ads?

Connecting customers should be costless,
and it should be done very quickly.

“New profit model”

Instead of commissions and ads,
we generate various statistics from data
which is created by connecting people.

We do not blindly trust in 'big data'.
We think it is just a marketing slogan.

We are produce ‘trustworthy’, ‘quantified data’,
‘just in time’, to know economic statistics of
USA, Europe, Japan, and China,
before everyone else.

It is like showing real-time analytics data
in the middle of sports.
We call this JIT(Just in time) data.

We will provide JIT data to stock trading firms,
 banks, governments, and consultants.

 “Fastest ever NEWS"

Does not data become stale over time,
even while processing data?

If you can see the future before others,
your financial return will grow,
and you can predict the monetary policy.

About Titob
Titob means “Time to business”.
One-person start-up company that connects trustworthy people.
The Titob app is in the coming. 

David Choi 
C.P: South Korea. (+82) 010-9601-5130